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Welcome to the Binturian LARP Club's lore archives! This is where we keep all the wonderful lore our creative players have made. Please, click some links and explore our world!

Adding New Pages (Members)Edit

Lore Committee is responsible for adding new pages to the wiki. To submit new pages, please email them to Lore Committee for approval. Templates for new pages can be found in the category pages below as well as in the Google Drive folder for Templates (link in the description of our Facebook page). Please copy the template text into a new document and do not edit the template itself.

Your page should not include:

  • Any names of real people involved in the club
  • Any real locations where club events have taken place
  • Any copyrighted artwork or images
    • Stock photos, original artwork, and photographs where both the photographer and subject have given permission are allowed

Adding New Pages (Lore Committee Only) Edit

To add new pages to the wiki, please click here! Type the title of the new page in the appropriate box. Remove the template text and fill in your own.

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